9h00-12h00  DAY 1                 Wednesday 21 October 2020
  Session 1 
  Symposium Chair - IAIAsa Past President - Sabelo Nkosi 
  Welcome - IAIAsa President - Abulele Adams   
9h15 - 9h40
(25 mins)
Key Note Address: Impacts of COVID-19 on Impact Assessment and the Integrated Environmental Management Sector   
Ben Cave - IAIA President
9h40 - 9h50
10 mins)
Questions & Answers 
9h50 -10h00
(10 mins)
Announcement IAIA Individual Award 
10h00 -10h20
(20 mins)
2nd Address: Resisting threats to the practice of Impact Assessment.
Dr Alan Bond
10h20 - 10h35
(15 mins)
10h35 - 12h00 Session 2 - Department of Environmental Affairs Forestry and Fisheries 
10h35 - 10h55
(20 mins)
A timeline of Legislative changes in response to COVID 19 in South Africa and where we are now?
Amanda van Reenen
10h55 - 11h15
(20 mins)
An overview of work being conducted at the DEFF in response to the National Development Plan (NDP).
Dr Dee Fischer
11h15 - 11h40
(20 mins)
Species Protocols – Implementing the avoidance hierarchy through the screening tool.
Alvan Gabriel
11h40 - 12h00
(20 mins)
Feedback on Strategic Environmental Assessment and Environmental Management Instruments.
Abulele Adams, Rohaida Abed, Fahiema Daniels
9h00 -12h15  DAY 2                 Thursday 22 October 2020
9h00 - 9h10 Session 1 Morning Greetings  
  Day 1 Recap 
9h10 - 9h35 Session 2 - Climate Change Considerations 
(25 mins) Panel Discussion - IAIA’s Climate Change Position Statement and consideration of climate change issues in IEM in South Africa. - Session Chair Melissa Groenink
(10 mins) IAIA's Climate Change Statement
Arend Kolhoff - IAIA Climate Change Section Chair
(5 mins) Climate Change and IEM.
Chumisa Thengwa
(5 mins) Environmental Impact Assessment can create sustainable communities through addressing Climate Change measures.
Moudy Mudzielwana
(5 mins) DEFF’s climate mitigation and adaptation plans.
Tlou Ramaru
9h35 -10h00 Discussion 
(25 mins) Questions & Answers 
10h00 -10h10
(10 mins)
Wrap Up 
10h10 - 10h25
(15 mins)
10h25 - 12h15 Session 3
Topic: Improving IEM practice from an NGO perspective 
Session Chair - Ian Little EWT 
10h25 -10h30 Introduction to the Session 
10h30 - 10h50
(20  mins)

No-Go Zones for development: an NGO endorsed map based on the national Environmental Screening Tool.
Dr Dominic Henry

10h50 - 11h05
(20 mins)
Biodiversity Offsets Guidelines.
Marthán Theart
11h05 - 11h25
(20 mins)
Progress Towards Developing Best Practice Guidelines for the Implementation of the Mitigation Hierarchy in South Africa.
Melissa Lewis
11h25 - 11h45
(20 mins)
Community toolkits and regional biodiversity champions: ensuring EIAs produce just and sustainable development through educating communities and streamlining NGO responses. 
Dr Oliver Cowan
11h45 - 12h05 
(20 mins)
Community Capacity Building - Integration with IAIAsa Innovation Project - IsiZulu Guide for EIA.
Janice Tooley
12h05 -12h15
(10 mins)
Wrap Up 
9h00 -12h05 DAY 3                 Friday 23 October 2020
  The link between IEM and SDGs – where are we and how should SDGs influence IEM practice in SA?
  Session Chair - Rethabile Mbokodi 
  Moderator - Dr Patrick Sithole 
9h00 -9h15
Introduction - This session will discuss the link or lack thereof, between Integrated Environmental Management (IEM) and SDGs. The Panel will discuss where we are as a country and how the SDGs influence or should be influencing IEM Practice in South Africa. There will be a discussion on the underlying principles and aspects of IEM and SDGs followed by the unpacking of the 17 SDGs as adopted by the United Nations Member States in 2015. The SDGs’ agenda and ideology that “No-one Left Behind” will then be discussed from various angles which include the private sector, government, business, academics and socio-economic representatives. The panel we delve further into the practical applications of SDGs within the South African policies and programmes and also in IEM practice. The current legal shortcomings and enablers based on where we are as a country will be discussed.
9h15 -9h40
(25 mins)
Introduction of the Panellists: Prof Francois Retief, Milicent Solomons, Ishmael Semenya, and Thandile Chinyavanhu
9h40 -10h30
(50 mins)
SDG influence on IEM practice?
10h30 - 10h45 TEA BREAK
10h45 - 11h25
(40 mins)

Questions and Discussion (Member engagement)

11h25 - 11h30 
(5 mins)
Session Wrap Up
(25 mins)
Closing Plenary - Synopsis from Delegates (Babalwa Fatyi, Teboho Nkahle, Sindiswa Dlomo, Gugulethu Tshabalala)
11h55 -12h05 
(10 mins)
Closing Address, Vote of Thanks and Announcements

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