Integrated Environmental Management Standards

As part of fulfilling its mission, IAIAsa undertakes to provide a regional platform for advancing innovation and communication of best practice in IEM to further the development of local, regional and global capacity for sustainability. There are numerous guidelines and best management practices based on known science that, if followed, should facilitate practitioners in IEM to meet required standards or achieve desired objectives in terms of environmental sustainability. Despite the proliferation of existing international, national and provincial standards and guidelines, concern about the quality of IEM in South Africa continues to emerge as an issue requiring attention. There is a need to rationalize the available information to identify the standards and guidelines most relevant to the South African context. IAIAsa is committed to ethical and professional practice in all its operations, and is therefore committed to providing support to IEM practitioners in all spheres through identifying and sharing best practices in impact assessment.

Watch this space for downloadable publications and links to documents.

  1. Principles of Environmental Assessment Best Practice:
  2. Best Practice Guidelines for Avian Monitoring and Impact Mitigation at Proposed Wind Energy Development Sites in Southern Africa:
  3. South African Good Practice Guidelines for Surveying Bats in Wind Farm Developments: