The second IAIAsa Free State Branch Event for 2014
July 8, 2014  

Supplied by IAIAsa Administrator from IAIAsa
IAIAsa Free State members and non-members were invited to the branch event held on 25 June 2014. This was the first Free State branch meeting held at the Digital Planetarium, Naval Hill, Bloemfontein, and what an experience this was indeed!

Professor Matie Hoffman from the Department of Physics, University of the Free State took us on a trip through space. Our small existence on Earth was highlighted as the “flight” took the crowd through the solar system to beyond the galaxies.

Marike du Plessis (assistant presenter at the planetarium and also an IAIAsa Free State Branch Committee Member: Student Affairs) used Science On a Sphere (SOS) simulations to discuss climate change factors that affect planet Earth, for example the release and movement of carbon monoxide in our atmosphere. A pre-recorded show entitled “Our Fragile Planet” was also shown, focussing on the complex system of Earth’s climate and the life-giving properties of Earth’s atmosphere.

Refreshments were served afterwards to fight the cold and this also provided the opportunity for attendees to socialize with one another and see unexpected visitors such as the giraffes, zebras and other wildlife from the Franklin Game Reserve of which Naval Hill forms part of.

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held concurrently with the Third Term Branch Event. Further details will be provided as soon as a dateis set.

The Naval Hill digital Planetarium.

Marike du Plessis and Professor Matie Hoffman, ready for action.

Everyone enjoyed the refreshments that were served after the intriguing discussions.

Two of the unusual guests that made their appearance at tea-time.