Biodiversity Economic Strategy | Deadline for comment 9 November 2015
November 1, 2015  

Biodiversity Economic Strategy. Deadline for comment: 9 November 2015

The biodiversity economy of South Africa, encompasses the businesses and economic activities that either directly depend on biodiversity for their core business or that contribute to conservation of biodiversity through their activities, and is currently limited to two sub-sectors, namely:

  • Bioprospecting sector: which encompasses organisations and people that are searching for, collecting, harvesting and extracting living or dead indigenous species, or derivatives and genetic material thereof for commercial or industrial purposes.
  • Wildlife sector: which is centred on game and wildlife farming/ranching activities that relate to the stocking, trading, breeding, and hunting of game, and all the services and goods required to support this value chain.

Both these sub-sectors demonstrate the potential for significant future development and growth, which is of great benefit to the economy of South Africa. To guide the sustainable growth of the sector and to provide a basis for addressing constraints, ensuring sustainability, identifying responsibilities and monitoring progress, the Biodiversity Economy Strategy (BES) has been developed and published for public comment.

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