IAIAsa Western Cape : Social Sustainability Event : Reporting Back
April 26, 2016  

Supplied by IAIAsa Administrator from IAIAsa
On the evening of Thursday 07 April 2016 the Western Cape branch hosted an event on “Making Sense of Social Sustainability: Integrating Social Considerations into Environmental Management”, held at the Green Point Biodiversity Showcase Garden Environmental Education Centre. Familiar faces and newcomers alike enjoyed presentations by three excellent speakers, and partook in the thought-provoking debate in the Q&A sessions following each presentation. Drinks & snacks served during the intermission fuelled some (hopefully fruitful) networking between a diverse range of attendees.

The Presentations on the night were:

  • Bryony Walmsley – “The business case for health & human rights impact assessment in Africa”
  • Liza van der Werwe – “Making sense of ‘sense of place’: going beyond visual impact assessment”
  • Loretta Feris – “Environmental Justice as Spatial Justice: how community displacement extends beyond severing of ties with land, home & property”

The event was well attended with 58 people on the day, and we were particularly pleased to welcome 12 non-members including 4 new students on the night. We hope that everyone present walked away with some valuable new information and perspectives that they will be able to apply in their professional environments.

We’d like to extend a special word of thanks to the speakers – Bryony Walmsley, Liza van der Merwe & Loretta Feris – for sharing their valuable insight and experience with us. A big thank you also to our co-hosts, the Environmental law Association, for their assistance.