Draft proposed regulations pertaining to the Financial Provision for Prospecting, Exploration, Mining or Production Operations for comment
November 10, 2017  

On 10 November 2017 the Minister of Environmental Affairs, gave notice of her intention to make
regulations pertaining to the financial provision for prospecting, exploration, mining or production
under section 44(aE), (aF), (aG), (aH) read with sections 24(5)(b)(ix), 24(5)(d), 24N, 24P and
24R of the National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No.107 of 1998) in the Schedule attached.

Notice was published on 10 November 2017, for public comment, in Gazette 41236 (Notice number R.1228 on pages 18-68).  Kindly note that these are revised Regulations intended to repeal and replace the Financial Provisioning Regulations, 2015.

Stakeholders are invited to submit comments, within 30 days of publication, to Ms. Chantal Engelbrecht at e-mail CEngelbrecht@environment.gov.za.

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