IAIA20 COVID-19 update: No IAIA conference in 2020
March 20, 2020  

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IAIA20 COVID-19 update: No IAIA conference in 2020
Dear IAIA20 registrants,
We are saddened and deeply disappointed to confirm that the IAIA20 conference will not be held in 2020. 
The IAIA Board made this difficult decision to ensure the health and safety of you, our delegates, and that of IAIA staff, everyone who would be involved in delivering IAIA20, and the people of Seville. 
A time of uncertainty
We have been monitoring the worldwide and regional conditions with COVID-19 in the context of our annual global conference. The conditions in Spain may improve later in the year, but COVID-19 is a pandemic and as such is a worldwide event. It has elevated levels of uncertainty in many areas that affect both the conference and the safety of our members: There are likely to be further waves of the virus across different regions. It is not possible to predict what travel restrictions will be in place over the coming months. We are also very aware that our delegates will be affected by the financial challenges that face the world economy. For these reasons the Board decided against holding IAIA20 in May and against postponing it to later in the year.
What will happen to my conference registration fee? 
Due to this decision by the Board, you are entitled to a full refund of your registration fee. We will process requests for refunds as quickly as possible. If you require a full and immediate refund, please email that request to info@iaia.org. 
Also, please keep in mind that our annual conferences are the financial life blood of IAIA, and they are how we fund our operations. There are a few ways you can help support IAIA at this time that would assist IAIA operations, and depending on your circumstances, some of these may be more convenient for you: 
Use your paid registration fee as a credit towards future IAIA offerings
We will send out information in a couple of weeks to provide you with more specifics about how you can re-use your IAIA20 registration fee. For example, we are developing an online event on topics by impact assessment professionals for impact assessment professionals. Our hope is that you apply your registration fee to this online educational event. We will send information shortly about this event, the cost to take part in it, and details on how to get a refund for the balance. Or you may also use your credit to pay for IAIA21 registration fees or to renew/extend your membership.
Delayed request for registration refund
Waiting a few weeks to request your refund until information about the above options is available will lessen the administrative burden on staff. If this is a reasonable option for you, we appreciate your patience and support.
Charitable donation
IAIA is a nonprofit organization, so you may want to consider making some or all of your conference registration a donation to IAIA (tax deductions may be available in some locations; please check your local regulations). 
Some of you have already very generously offered to waive part, or even all, of your conference registration fee refund as a way to support IAIA during this trying time. We are deeply grateful for these contributions and will provide each of you with a gift acknowledgement letter. 
But our work continues
IAIA is dedicated to continuing to offer you professional development opportunities during 2020. As noted above, we are developing an online virtual event to provide both technical content and opportunities for expanded networking. What better way to spend your time social distancing than interacting with IAIA colleagues from around the world from the comfort of your own home. Stay tuned for more information.
We’re all in this together and we thank you
I thank you for being part of the IAIA community and for your ongoing dedication to our mission and to the success of each year’s meeting. The strength of our community gives us confidence for the future. We remain indebted to you for coming to the IAIA conferences each year and for the many other volunteer activities that our members do. 
A HUGE Thank You to our Seville, Spain, Conference Organizing Committee
Our local team at the AEEIA in Spain and our various IAIA20 Committees have put in countless hours to develop a fantastic event for you, from engaging and dynamic program content to inspiring and educational technical visits. They have poured their hearts into this event for you, and the Board of Directors and I want to express our sincere appreciation for their time and devotion. Our annual meeting is IAIA’s signature activity. The 2020 conference is our 40th anniversary and 10th conference of the AEEIA. This not how we thought we would be celebrating our anniversaries. 
More information to come
I realize that you likely have many questions, and this message will not answer them all. We will continue to provide information and updates to conference delegates, presenters, and IAIA members over the coming days to answer the major concerns arising from this conference decision. In the meantime, we ask that you await this advice. IAIA staff are inundated with a backlog of queries, and we are working through these. 
Be strong, and I will be back in touch soon.
David Bancroft
IAIA Executive Director